Friday, August 3, 2012

Generation Korean, Chapter Six

Hello, and welcome back to the Around the World legacy. Last time the teens headed off to prom, and Jini started her midlife crisis.
And when I say she started her midlife crisis, I mean that as soon as her birthday passed she went full Britney Spears and shaved her head.
Ki Keun: "Whatever, I'm just here, making more booze. Don't mind me."
Kal Nal is writing another novel titled after one of my Russian vocabulary words. This one is called "Vowel."
And just like always, Ka Na Li Ah is painting. Ka Na Li Ah: "Hmm... Maybe Belisama would like one with more gore on it?"
Speaking of painting (that's a transition, right?) Keu Gi is also painting, but her skill level is... not as awesome as her sister's, so most of her paintings get sold instead of hung up on the walls.
Kae Dee: "What would post-prom life be like without an epic party? See everyone at the art museum tonight for the biggest shindig that I've ever thrown up to this point."
Kae Dee chose a modern art museum for her party, got exclusive access, and only invited other teens. It was going to be a night to remember.
Not that Kae Dee paid any attention to her guests, except for one. That night she only had eyes for Beau.
Ki Keun: "Whatever, I'm just here to try out the booze."
Hey, some sims are easy to please.
Kal Nal: "This is an art museum? Damn, this place is hot!"
Kal Nal actually spent most of the night outside the museum, talking to Zachariah. Their relationship remained at "mutual interest" the whole nice, but rumor has it some kisses were exchanged.
Wait, whose foot is that?! Whoever you are, I'm going to kill you. No teenage pregnancies, please!
While her children were off swapping celebrity stars (along with other things) in the art museum, Jini was dancing at a club for some extra celebrity points.
Good mothering skills, Jini. Jini: "What? They're old enough to party on their own."
After the party, Ki Keun comes home with some new ideas about mixology. Ki Keun: "You know, I think it's really nice that you try to include me in your stories and stuff even though all I do is skill. But you can stop stalking me now. Seriously."
Ah, but Ki Keun, you don't just skill. You have to dump your prom boyfriend, Nigel. Ki Keun: "Yeah, well, he won't interact with me, so..."
While she's doing that... wait, why are there so many people around? Is this another party? JINI! Kae Dee: "She's not home. Mom and Dad got a free two day vacation." Oh shiii-
Next time, on Around The World: one relationship will blossom, one will crumble, and one of the girls has a problem.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Generation Korean, Chapter Five

Hello, and welcome back to the Around the World legacy. Last time the sextuplets became teens, and I caved and showed you their pictures quickly before signing off. As the neighborhood grows, there has been a constant influx of new babies into the neighborhood. Don and Cassandra had Catherine. Darren and Darleen had Leigh and Shon. Joshue and Nina had Edmond. Skip and Brandi had Titus. Daniel and Mary Sue had Samir. Lilli and Dustin had Louis. Lillet and Jam had Bryce and Alphonso. Emy and Wogan had Francisca. Ed and Missy had Jayme. And those are just the ones I've written down!
It bothers me how you can have an athletic toddler, but they can't do anything to gain the athletic skill until teenhood. Kal Nal finally gets to earn some points in that regard. She has also joined the sports club.
When she's not exercising, Kal Nal is still working on the writing skill, because honestly I don't know what else to do with her!
Meanwhile, the band is getting a few new members! Keu Gi has found the drums, and she's not half bad. At school, she takes part in drama club, and she still likes to paint when the band isn't rehearsing.
And yes, of course Ko's there at the piano. Everyone has been expecting her to be part of the band all her life, since she was born with the virtuoso trait and she seems to love music so much. Also, she has been enrolled in music club since the moment it was possible. Ko: "Yeah, music's kind of cool. I wish I could be an official member of Zombie Snack already, and not have to wait to become a young adult."
Meanwhile... Ki Keun, what are you doing? Ki Keun: "Mixology is like science but alcoholic!"
Kae Dee: "That's it! We have to have a party! We're all teens and we're all interested in partying, let's go!" Wait, weren't there some of you that weren't building party-related skills? Like Kal Nal and... where's Ka Na Li Ah?
Uh, Ka Na Li Ah, what are you painting? Ka Na Li Ah: "Oh, just something for a friend. Belisama suggested it at art club." Uh huh.
Downstairs... Kae Dee: "Whatever, book us a dive bar, we're going clubbing!"
At the party, however, it turned out all their friends were still kids. Kae Dee: "Aww, man, this is wicked awk." My friends, the president of the debate club.
I don't think Ka Na Li Ah agrees. She and Belisama seem to be hitting it off, just like old times (aka a few hours ago when they were both children).
Keu Gi: "Well, I don't have any creepy relationships to build with vampire children, I think I'll dance." Kal Nal: "For once, I find myself agreeing with you."
The party isn't a total waste, Ki Keun is learning valuable advice on bar-tending!
Ko: "Miranda? Is that you? Your voice sounds shorter."
After the party, Kal Nal wanted to stay out after curfew, and came back a few minutes after her sisters. Jini instantly grounded her, but after one plea for forgiveness it was all better again.
The next night... Miranda: "I know you can't see it, but I've grown up now, Ko. I, err, had a question for you." Ko: "I can tell you grew up. Your voice shot right up there." Miranda: "Um, anyway..."
Inside... Ka Na Li Ah: "Wow, Belisama, you grew up in a terrible outfit. Wanna go steady?"
Back Outside... Ko: "Oh, and, uh, I got you these. I know your favorite color is pink. I asked for pink ones. Are they?" Miranda: "Are they what?" Ko: "Pink?" Miranda: "Oh. Yes. And they're beautiful Ko, thank you. But I was going to ask..."
Later, Ko and Miranda went inside and had a pillow fight. Things were settled. Both Ko and Ka Na Li Ah had dates for the upcoming prom.
Miranda: "Uh, thank you for the serenade, Ko, and Ko's family, but I kind of want to sleep now. It's almost light out."
Ki Keun, why aren't you downstairs mixing drinks? This is your thing! Ki Keun: "Can't talk. Suddenly had idea for epic stink juice."
The night before prom, Kostya wakes from a dead sleep to age up. Fortunately, he's just becoming an adult, not an elder.
And then, it's the night we've all been waiting for: Prom Night! Three of the girls are going with dates, three without, but they've all got their fanciest dresses on.
Kal Nal went to prom on her own. She asked her crush to dance, but he turned her down. While she was sitting dejected by the punch Zachariah came by and asked her to dance, and it turned out to be an amazing night.
Kae Dee went with perfect ol' Beau Broke. She won prom queen, and then Beau asked her to go steady, which she agreed to, of course.
Ka Na Li Ah went with her girlfriend, Belisama. They had a fantastic time together.
Ko went with Miranda, and had a great time dancing with her all night long.
Keu Gi's special brand of awkward didn't win her any dates. Jaron told her he liked her at prom, but after she broke the backdrop with her clumsiness he turned her down for any more dances.
Ki Keun went alone, and spent most of the night hanging out with her friends from study club. At least until Nigel confessed that he liked her.
Upon arriving home, the girls celebrated their mother's adult birthday.
Up Next Time: Jini's mid-life crisis, the continued rebellions of the six teenaged hellions, and young love!